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Need someone who is dependable, hardworking, honest and neat to pull weeds, trim bushes and some other odds and ends jobs around my home. I have all the garden tools needed. You just need have pair of gloves and transportation to get here. Depending on how you do, job could turn out to be more than a couple of days. I pay $100 for 6 hrs of work. Yo...
 July 5, 2015
My old walk up attic needs some work to make it a livable bedroom. The walls and ceiling are plaster. The ceiling is starting to sag from an old roof leak. The roof is now fixed. So I would like the ceiling pulled. Insulated and then dry walled. Here's the hard part. I had the chimney taken down to below the roof line while they fixed the roof. Now...
 July 5, 2015
   King of Prussia
 July 5, 2015
I have a house in Elverson that is updating. I am going to be doing flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms. I also want painting done, and in the time frame I have I can not get it all done with my self. The work would be the 2nd + 3rd weeks in August. (8/10-8/21) Some info about the scope The house is a 3 bedroom, about 1200 sqft. (For ceiling referen...
 June 27, 2015
Need to Carpet and Vinyl floor approx. 1600 sq/ft Currently remodeling a house, need to put temporary carpet upstairs and vinyl downstairs. No padding needed for the carpet. Approx. 800 sq/ft upstairs and 800 sq/ft downstairs. If you have your own carpet and vinyl and can install it for me, you can respond to me with you best offer for the job.
 June 19, 2015

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