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My company has a project in Whittier that includes a small 200 sq addition to a raised foundation home, adding several gables to front of home, reframing for new const. windows and garage door, some reframing in the attic from an unpermitted dropped ceiling and a new 1000sq foot slab foundation detached garage...Currently in the process of submitti...
 August 15, 2015
Hello, my name is Angelica I moved back to California and I don't have a place for my baby bullet. In am looking for someone who can take him in for awhile or something I can rent out for him . I just got my job and I start Monday. I don't have a lot of money but I don't want to get rid of my dog, or take him to the pound. Please if anyone could he...
   Los Angeles
 August 15, 2015
Hello. I am a service disabled vet who wants to get into the FedBizOpps field to generate business. As a service disabled vet I can get access to many bids, but don't have all the know how to do this type of paperwork to submit bids. Willing to have someone as a partner to submit bids. You get my SDV status and you help me learn the process while w...
   San Diego
 August 6, 2015
   Citrus Heights
 July 25, 2015
Hi,I Have A 78' La Jolla Boat With A 305 OMC Engine With OMC StrenDrive 800 The Boat Does Run And Start up. I'm Looking For Someone Who Would Know How To Change My Boats Power Trim,Tilt and Steering Fluid. 626 374 2144 Give Me A Call Or Text Me With Your Price I Would Need You To Come To Me As I'm Getting The Boat Reg.
   South El Monte
 July 18, 2015
I am looking for someone who knows some great Drop Shippers with a great product that I can make money off of. I would like to have an Ebay Store with the drop shipper products added. I do not know how to do this. Looking for someone who is familiar in doing this. Thank you. Deborah contact by phone: 619-822-4338
   San Diego
 July 11, 2015
Looking for someone that can install a transmission in a toyota corolla for cheap. I'm a single mom, and can't afford to not have a vehicle or pay for a large job. Please contact if interested. contact by phone: ☎ 8589529153
   San Diego
 July 11, 2015
hi im looking for someone to drive my car to los angeles . i am in san jose but i have two car. i will drive one and i need someone else to drive the other, once in los angeles i can drop you off to your destination. email me with your contact and some info about yourself
   San Jose
 July 11, 2015
I need to build a lattice patio cover size of 14' W x 12'D x 10'H. I'll be using redwood. Let me know if you're interested and your rate/price. Thanks, Jason
 July 11, 2015
I am a member of an exclusive network called ReferralExchange.I am personally going to make sure you have someone who can help and they will reach out to you shortly to get your details. Tim Rohan 2201 Market Street San Francisco Ca 94114 4156135434
   San Francisco
 July 4, 2015

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