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Unfortunately my good friend and mechanic passed recently. Unfortunately my vehicles don't care and I must find a new mechanic. I have a lot to offer that someone who is self employed would find very useful. Though anyone who is the do it yourself type would find useful honestly. If you'd like to find out more then get ahold of me and let's set so...
   New Hampshire
 August 23, 2015
I'm sure someone on here has a 7x12 or 7x14 enclosed trailer that they only use once in a great while that they would enjoy making some extra money with. I haul motorcycles and don't enjoy paying Uhaul every time I need a trailer. If you're interested please reply. Thanks
 August 23, 2015
I'm looking for someone who has some painting experience to scrape and paint my deck & the stairs leading up to it. Includes floor and ceiling of deck. Deck is about 10'x10' on the second story. Indoor/outdoor carpet currently on it will be removed. It's in rough shape, so will need a good scraping first. I will purchase primer and paint, and ...
 July 11, 2015
Looking to hire 1-3 painters to help out with a few small projects. I have a full exterior (small home) that has roughly 45hrs needed to be painted in pepperall ma, a 2 side exterior (10hrs roughly) in derry nh, and a 3 room ceiling in hudson nh! Paint provided and most supplies (own brushes/supplies are a plus!) Pay is $10-$12/hr...great for someo...
   Southern New Hampshire
 June 21, 2015

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