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I'm looking for someone to put up some drywall, tape and also mud. Its a quick and easy job. Only a few walls. Not whole basement. I just dont have time with all the other projects i have going on. I will have all the materials such as drywall, mud and tape. Please let me know asap and approximately the amount (if you need more info and want to com...
 August 29, 2015
Hello! I am looking for a reputable general contractor is fix/flip experience. I have had bad experience with contractors in the past, and looking for someone I can readily, and extensively work with on my homes. I will require a portfolio, meet and greet, and references. I have no more time for BS, and want to find not only a friend...but someo...
 August 15, 2015
I'm looking for someone who has a trailer to help take apart and move a shed that is approximately 8 x 10 x 14' tall How much would the pricing be I would need you to move it from worth to lisle Hope call or text: 773-896-8405
 August 15, 2015
I'm looking for someone to purchase my house and then rent it back to me. Until I can get a loan of my own to purchase it from you outright. My landlord is trying to sell my house so he can be out from under it. He's asking $40,000 for the house. If you think that this is something that you can do please contact me. Ronald call or text: 219678666...
 August 15, 2015
looking for a person to help move boxes from apartment to storage nothing else will pay $15.00 per hour, 2 hour mininum need someone on august 2nd sunday at about 9 a. m. please leave name and phone number on recorded message and i will get back to you... steve 7084246782
   Oak Lawn
 July 25, 2015
Hello, My family of 4 is looking for a full time person who will: Work 50 hours a week Clean our house Do the laundry Drive short distances to buy groceries, etc.. Cook dinners 1-2 times a week Organize on a daily basis the whole house Occasionally watch our grammar school kids who mostly will be in school or doing after school activities Take th...
   Highland Park
 July 18, 2015
I need a sitter here and there for nights out or during weekend days here and there. I have 11 month old twin girls. They are very mild mannered. They need exercises to strengthen their core muscles. We will show them to you. I have been paying my current sitters 7-8 dollars an hour in cash. If interested please contact me by text or email. thanks!...
 June 27, 2015

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